How can I cancel a booking?

Every booking has its own cancellation policy. Please ensure that you check the terms before booking. Within the terms there will be a heading written 'Cancellation Policy'. Ensure that you understand the cancellation policy.

Some of the bookings may not offer you a cancellation but might except you to change the booking for another day. Other bookings may charge you a cancellation policy or hold on to the deposit if applicable. Remember that the minute you confirm your booking the cancellation policy will become effective. So ensure that you are okay with the cancellation policy when you make a booking.

Cancellation policy will differ from the type of booking. Flight bookings may take longer to get your refund back as compared to a hotel or car booking. Certain situations like death and illnesses may overwrite some of the cancellation policies. We always recommend that you have travel insurance as to cover certain situations like the pandemic. Ensure that you read all small print on the travel insurance policy to know what you are covered for.

You can call us if you are not sure about the cancellation policy that comes with your booking. Once booked you will be requested to confirm your booking by paying the booking fee and in the event of a cancellation the cancellation fee will be deducted from the amount paid before a refund is done.

Please always read the terms of cancellation before making any booking.